Arcata Fire Protection District Announces Live Fire Training

June 19, 2014

Campus air quality may be affected by nearby fire training conducted by the Arcata Fire District through June 26.


The following is a press release provided by the Arcata Fire Protection District:

Arcata Fire District will host live fire training in the vacant lot located at 2000 Foster Road, Arcata, for the next two weeks. This training will occur as weather permits and conditions are favorable. Training is scheduled June 16-26, 9 am to 5 pm. We will only conduct live fire training on days that are favorable and weather permits.
Multiple agencies will be participating in this training in effort to prepare for the upcoming fire season. Experts predict the 2014 fire season will show an increase in activity due to the drought conditions. Firefighters will practice firing operations and other important techniques that cannot be simulated or learned in a classroom.
Firefighters will be using specialized tools to ignite vegetation then extinguish the fires. Training burns are a valuable tool in teaching our firefighters the ability to safely and properly conduct firing operations and extinguish vegetation fires while using proper technique for fire extinguishment in vegetation. The other benefit is fuel reduction in an area that typically burns each year as a result of arson or mischievous act.
All training burn sites have been inspected by professional firefighters and control lines have been established. The Fire District has also filed for burn permits through North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District, and is in compliance with all burning regulations.
Obtaining experience in real fire situations is very difficult and a training burn is the only way firefighters can practice live fire training and firing operations under controlled fire conditions. Having well trained firefighters could someday be a life-savings benefit to you and your family.
Please feel free to contact Fire Chief Desmond Cowan if you have any concerns or comments regarding this burn.