Public Safety

Emergency Drill at Student Health and Wellbeing 5/23

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd, there will be an emergency drill taking place at Student Health and Wellbeing Services from approximately 830AM to 430PM. As part of the drill, SHWB staff will be setting up a treatment area, utilizing emergency supplies, and practicing emergnecy procedures. There will be signage up in the surrounding area indicating a drill is taking place. 

In case of a real emergency, a text and emergency warning will go out to campus and the drill will be immediately concluded. 

For any questions, please call x4635. 

May Newsletter - Electrical Safety

We take electricity for granted on a daily basis, but this wonderful utility doesn't come with significant risk. This packet has been developed by Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)  to address workplace safety and electrical safety at home. The packet includes information on these topics: National Electrical Code: Understanding the Code that Keeps us Safe, Electrical Shock Drowning - Water and Electricity Don't Mix, Certifying Safety - National Recognized Testing Laboratories, Workplace Injury Information 2003-2016, and Overhead Power Line Safety.

Tsunami Preparedness Week Pt. 2 - Emergency Communications Tests

Later today, from 11:00AM to 12:00PM, the National Weather Service, in partnership with the Humboldt Office of Emergency Services, will activate the Emergency Alert System. This includes messaging on TV and radio stations, tsunami sirens in various coastal communities, and the Civil Air Patrol flying along the coast with an audible test message. 

These are tests only and no action is required, although you can submit any feedback for the test to Ryan Aylward with the National Weather Service. 

Tsunami Preparedness Week! - Do you know your zone?

The week of March 26th through the 30th is Tsunami Preparedness week! 

It's important to take this opportunity to "know your zone" - know whether you live, work, go to school, etc. in the tsunami zone when and if one hits us here in Humboldt. The Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group has a great set of maps available to know exactly where the inundation zones are.

Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

For those of you traveling home for spring break, here's a couple of quick tips to make your travels smoother and safer:

Any time you are heading out of the area,  please check the CalTrans website prior to traveling for up to date road information:

This will help you avoid major contruction delays, as well as potentially unsafe road conditions.

February Safety Newsletter - Storm Water

These Newsletters will occur on a monthly basis and provide information to all Humboldt State personnel.

Earthquake in Alaska - Tsunami Watch Now Cancelled for Humboldt

A 7.0 earthquake hit this morning near Alaska, and a tsunami watch was issued for the west coast shortly thereafter. A few hours later, the watch was canceled. Because it was a watch and not a more serious warning, there was no immediate danger or evacuation orders, but it is a good reminder to be prepared in case something more serious comes our way. 

Free Safety Training All Week Oct. 16th through the 20th

We are offering numerous safety-related trainings throughout the course of the week next week. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher, get CPR certified, learn about tsunamis, earthquakes, winter storms, and more. All training is free and available to all students, staff and faculty, and it's not too late to sign up. 

Information on Fires in Sonoma/Napa Counties: How to help, find family members...

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the multiple fires in Sonoma and Napa currently, as many here at HSU have friends and family in the affected areas. 

Safety Week: October 16th through the 20th

Risk Management and Safety Services is proud to announce the launch of HSU’s First Annual Safety Week, which will be held from October 16th-October 20th. 

During the week, courses will be offered at various times and locations, which will focus on different topics relating to Safety, Health, and Emergency Preparedness and are open to all HSU Students, Staff, and Faculty.