HSU Professional Development Newsletter - July 2018

July 3, 2018

This month inside HSU Professional Development Newsletter: 

  • L4HSU - More than 300 staff, faculty, students, and community members attended our first three weeks of L4HSU events! As one of the participants said “Events like the Learning Lock-In enable folks from across the campus to come together and build community.” This is extremely important because it fosters an environment in which the entire campus can work towards supporting our students. Take time to work on your personal and professional communication and build community by attending an L4HSU workshop that is coming up in July.
  • Communication, Changes, and Documentation - During the execution of project work, the project manager is responsible for communicating project performance. At this stage, project work has begun, and preventive or corrective changes may be needed to ensure performance aligns with the plan.  
  • Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point - Today there are more communication methods than ever before. Choosing the right method for the situation can have a huge impact on how your method is received. 
  • Six tips on cross-cultural communication - Communicating well across different cultures, backgrounds and experiences is an important skill. Here, experts from across campus give tips on how to navigate these sometimes fraught conversations.
  • Podcast - Chris Lee delivers a message that leads to success in relationships by explaining how emotional intelligence enhances every aspect of your life. He dives into the ten key principles that will set you on course to achieving the power of listening.
  • CSU’s Got Talent - 100 Billion Reasons Why the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life Forever.
  • TedTalk - The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain.
  • L4HSU @ the Library 
  • HSU Workshop for Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process - July 30 @ 9 AM 
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities 
  • and more!

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