Staff Council Meeting - Thurs., January 16, 2020

January 13, 2020

Staff Council is having its sixth meeting of the 2019/20 academic year! Please join us on Thurs., January 16, 2020, in the Library Fishbowl from 3pm - 4:30pm. This meeting is open to everyone on campus and community members, please join us!

HSU HR Professional Development Opportunities for Jan 20 - 24

January 23 @ 10 AM
Managing Difficult Colleagues
Difficult colleagues come in many forms. Gain a better understanding of the motivations behind difficult personalities, and learn strategies for how to communicate with and influence different personality types.  This is a multi-modal course, with a blend of webinar content and facilitated group dialogue.
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HSU Professional Development Newsletter - January 2020

This month inside HSU Professional Development Newsletter

Seeing More Clearly in 2020

Happy 2020! It's a symbolic year, a year to see more clearly who we are, what we want to accomplish and how we want to be together as a campus community.
Recently we completed a campus-wide survey to learn about what you want and need to become a more effective, engaged professional. You can find out more about the survey results at Professional Development Day on January 16.


HSU Telecommunications and Network Services will be performing the upgrade on Friday, January 10th from 8 am to Noon

The software that operates the HSU Campus phone system requires an upgrade to help ensure the reliability and quality of the system is maintained. HSU Telecommunications and Network Services will be performing the upgrade on Friday, January 10th from 8 am to Noon. During this maintenance window, the Campus phone system will experience at least one service outage of about 10 minutes, with the potential of more outages of up to 15 minutes.

Building Leadership Resilience in Higher Education - 12/4/19 @ 1:30

Why do the same incidents paralyze some people but act as a springboard for others to change, grow, and learn? Setbacks, mistakes, and failures are inevitable—the key is resilience. Leaders must be able to navigate these situations and not just bounce back, but bounce forward.

CSU's Got Talent - Don't You Know Who I Am? Webinar Viewing - 11/19/19 @ 10 AM

"Don't You Know Who I Am? How to Stay Sane in the Era of Narcissism, Entitlement and Incivility", November 19 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Join the HSU community to view and discuss this webinar with Dr. Ramani Durvasula, titled Don't You Know Who I Am? How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement and Incivility. We will watch the webinar together, and then open it up for questions and conversation. This live webinar is part of the CSU's Got Talent series. The community viewing and discussion is hosted by HSU's HR team.

Understanding Employee Leave of Absence Programs - 11/21/19 @ 10 AM

The CSU has many leave of absence programs available to its employees. Come learn when a formal leave is necessary, eligibility factors, how various leaves work together to benefit our employees, and the department/supervisor's role when an employee is on leave.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Library Fishbowl
Instructor: Ariel Aaron

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HSU Conflict Management – The Role of Empathy - 11/14/19 @ 10:30 AM

There's no getting around it: we all have to live and work with other humans. Some make perfect sense and do exactly what we expect. And others... don't. Join this session to better manage conflict by strengthening your power of empathy toward those you don't understand, those you do - and yourself. You will also learn the challenges to empathy, and when empathy may have gone too far. Empathy is a path to managing conflict, expanding our understanding of others, and healthier relationships.

Staff Council Meeting - Wed., November 20, 2019

Staff Council is having its fourth meeting of the 2019/20 academic year! Please join us on Wed., November 20, 2019, in the Library Fishbowl from 1:30pm - 3pm. We encourage you to visit our website to view the full schedule of meetings, check out the current Staff Spotlight and Meet Your Council Reps at


Staff Council Meeting #4

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Time: 1:30pm - 3pm

Location: Library Fishbowl