HSU Professional Development Newsletter - April 2019

April 2, 2019

This month inside HSU Professional Development Newsletter

  • Staff Performance Evaluations - The current staff annual evaluation period is fast approaching. The current performance period ends on May 1, 2019. Human Resources recommends that all Appropriate Administrators with direct reports begin reviewing each employee's performance for the current period in preparation for timely completion. 
  • Featured Soft Skills Course - Gaining a Positive Perspective on Feedback - This course covers the value of feedback and how it differs from praise. 
  • Featured Soft Skills Course - Polishing Your Feedback Skills - This course covers when and how to give feedback positively, how to handle bad reactions and your own nervousness, and how to give feedback to people at different organizational levels.
  • CSU's Got Talent - Great Grammar in 60 Minutes - April 23 @ 10AM
  • HSU Library Week - April 7 - 13 - Join us in celebrating the many ways our Library is building strong communities and transforming lives. Visit HSU Library today!
  • HSU Software for Home Use - HSU makes a number of software applications available to members of the university community at low or no cost.
  • On the Bookshelf - How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students - This book's research-based strategies and practical classroom examples illustrate how teachers can provide feedback that helps students learn--and that motivates them to want to learn.
  • From the Front Desk - Do You Need to Change Tax Withholdings? - Tax season is over and you may find that you need to adjust your tax withholdings.
  • CSU's Got Talent Archive - The Human Side of Performance Management - You will learn the importance of employee engagement, and performance management actions critical to the success of your university.
  • Article - Gmail changes
  • Video - Just for fun! Performance Review - The Office UK
  • Tech Tips - Gmail Shortcut Cheat Sheet
  • Skillshops @ the Library 
  • HSU Workshop for Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process - April 4 and 19 @ 9 AM
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities 
  • and more!

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