Hiring a Diverse Faculty Webinar Series

September 12, 2019

All faculty, staff and administrators who are serving or will serve on hiring committees are welcome to attend or login. For more information contact: ODEI # 4503

This webinar series will be distributed among 4 modules that will take place over the course of 4 different days. Each module is specific to a certain topic pertaining to hiring. Each module can be streamed through ODEI's website. On the website will be a link that anyone can click on to stream the webinar. If you can, however, have time to stop by in person, it will be in Goodwin Forum from 9 - 11 AM.

Sept. 24: Innovative Recruitment Method

Sept. 26: Job Announcements

Sept. 30: Implicit and Explicit Bias 

Oct. 2: Job Interviews

Presenting: Dr. Estela Mara Bensimon and Dr. Shaun Harper from USC’s Race and Equity Center and USC’s Rossier School of Education, Center for Urban Education.

To RSVP for the event, please click on this link: https://forms.gle/JWzn1PsVNohxEHbH6

*For any additional questions please email Jeanne Riecke at jmr870@humboldt.eduPDF icon diverse_faculty_new_pdf_1.pdf