CSU's Got Talent Webcast Training - Working With Difficult People - 5/14/19 @ 10AM

May 13, 2019

Your work day is filled with them--people who frustrate, impede, maneuver, undermine, plot, connive, and whine. In this session, Amy Cooper Hakim details specific techniques for handling them, with easy-to-follow scenarios for different situations. She will discuss modern issues including technology, generation gaps, and language barriers. Learn the kinds of culprits, from tyrants and bullies (regular & cyber) to the pushy and presumptuous; and helpful strategies and phrases for diffusing workplace tensions and effectively resolving conflicts.

Join in on May 14 here:

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Please login as a "guest" and then type in your CAMPUS/Your Full Name (i.e HSU/Steven Spielberg). Listen to the audio via your computer speakers. Also available: join from your mobile device by downloading the Adobe Connect app!

Alfredo S. Corral
Learning Technology Specialist
Human Resources