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Course Equity Portal Presentation

Sep 21 2023

CSU Faculty representatives of the Chancellor's Office, Heidi Riggio and Desdemona Cardoza, will be presenting a Course...

Don’t Miss the Conversations on AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Education

Sep 20 2023

What’s all this about AI? 

Share Your Thoughts on GEAR (General Ed & All-University Requirements)

Sep 19 2023
Did you miss the opportunity last week to share your experiences of General Education and All-University Requirements...

Writing Strong Grants Every Time Panel Discussion

Sep 18 2023

Writing Strong Grants Every Time

Panel Discussion

Tuesday, October 3, 2023...

Mid-Semester Feedback (MSF) program

Sep 18 2023

The Mid-Semester Feedback (MSF) program is in full swing. 

Promoted Faculty Reception

Sep 18 2023

On behalf of Provost Jenn Capps and the college and library deans, the Office of Academic Affairs invites you to attend the...

Funding Opportunity: Russell Sage Pipeline Grants Competition

Sep 15 2023

Russell Sage Foundation - Pipeline Grants Competition 

Revised: Academic Affairs Policy on Support for Non-Citizen Faculty – Visa Application

Sep 15 2023

Please see the attached memo VPAA 23-04, replacing VPAA 18-01.

Join us for our 12th Annual PI Research Celebration!

Sep 14 2023

Thursday, October 12, 4:00-7:00pm


El Camino de Comida: An eclectic career in food and nutrition

Sep 12 2023
El Camino de Comida: An Eclectic career in food and nutrition