URPC Open Forum: Budget 101 on Wednesday, October 18

October 3, 2023

The University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC) of the University Senate will be holding an Open Forum for the Campus Community on October 18th from 2-3:30 pm in Goodwin Forum. The purpose of this forum is to introduce University budgeting concepts, processes and timelines and the functions of the URPC.

By the end of the forum, participants should have a fundamental understanding of the budget components that determine where our funding comes from, how we spend it, and what the URPC role is in this process. This information will be essential for understanding more complex topics in future forums and communications. At least 30 minutes will be set aside for campus community members to offer feedback and suggestions, and ask questions. The forum content and community input will be incorporated into a budget reference guide. The session will be offered in person only but will be recorded and the recording will be released to the campus community following the forum.

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