Update: New Gender Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

November 25, 2019

Update: This message includes background on the Gender Inclusive Restroom (GIRR) Task Force and more details about Gender Inclusive Restrooms.

The Gender Inclusive Restroom (GIRR) Task Force announces the installation of four new gender-inclusive restroom facilities on campus:

  • Harry Griffith Hall (HGH) – The Men’s Room on the east side of the 2nd floor has been converted to a Gender Inclusive restroom.  Modifications included the installation of a standard toilet partition at the urinal for privacy. Soon to be installed are menstrual product disposal boxes in each stall. Signage at the door has been changed to reflect the use of the restroom as All Gender per our campus signage standard.  This is the first multi-stall gender-inclusive restroom facility in the academic core of campus. 
  • Science C – Privacy deadbolts that indicate vacant/occupied have been installed at the entrance to each restroom on the 1st floor of Science C. While long term plans are to bring both restrooms into compliance with ADA accessibility guidelines, we have removed the toilet stall partitions and one of the two doors at the entrance vestibule to the former Women’s room to improve maneuverability in the restrooms in the interim.
  • Wildlife & Fisheries Building – Similarly, the former Men’s Room near the main entrance on the 1st floor of Wildlife & Fisheries have been converted to a single occupancy gender-inclusive restroom through the installation of an occupancy deadbolt.  Restroom signage has been changed to match our campus standard for All Gender restrooms.

The Task Force would like to recognize Facilities Services for implementing these changes.

Who is the GIRR Task Force?

The Gender Inclusive Restroom (GIRR) Task Force was established in spring 2019 out of a student initiative to increase gender-inclusive restrooms on HSU’s campus. Although the individual membership of the task force has changed over the semesters based on schedule availability, the membership has consistently maintained representation from staff, faculty, and students.

What is the charge of the GIRR Task Force?

In 2017, all single-occupancy restrooms were converted to gender-inclusive restroom facilities in accordance with  California State Legislation, Assembly Bill 1731, and as interpreted by the California State Division of the State Architect and the CSU Chancellor’s Office.  As many of our older buildings in the academic core did not have single-occupancy restrooms, this has resulted in a sparsity of gender-inclusive restroom options in the academic core. The primary focus of the GIRR Task Force was to create prioritization for the implementation of future gender-inclusive restroom facilities and to develop guiding principles for decision making.  The guiding principles focused on increasing the current number, proximity, and distribution of gender-inclusive bathrooms; the accessibility of new and current bathrooms (ADA accessibility, private rooms with locking mechanisms, flights of stairs and elevators, minutes of walking/travel); consideration of the current and future users of the building in regard to gender and preference; and cost of implementation. This working group also recommends having in-stall menstrual product disposal boxes, changing tables, and menstrual products in each bathroom.

Who can use Gender Inclusive Restrooms?

While a primary focus of gender-inclusive restroom facilities is to provide a safe restroom facility for people of all genders, all are welcome provided that all are treated with respect.  Gender-inclusive facilities also benefit parents and caregivers assisting people of different genders. Gender Inclusive bathrooms, either single occupant or multi-stall, are open for everyone of any sex, gender, or gender expression.


What’s next?

Next semester the GIRR Task Force will be launching an educational information campaign summarizing its recommendations for a phased installation of more gender-inclusive facilities on campus.  This campaign will include an opportunity to give feedback, both anonymously and otherwise.  After this effort, the task force will forward its final recommendations to President’s staff for implementation and incorporation into the campus facilities master plan.


If you experience any harassment in any facility on campus, you can contact any of the following:


  • Marcus Winder, Title IX Coordinator, x3385
  • HSU Student Legal Lounge (Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 1:30-3:30 pm, SBS 405, or by appointment: https://studentlegallounge.humboldt.edu/)
  • Counseling & Psychological Services x3236 
  • UPD x5555


Thank you,

Gender Inclusive Restroom Task Force

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