Tsunami Preparedness Week Pt. 2 - Emergency Communications Tests

March 28, 2018

Later today, from 11:00AM to 12:00PM, the National Weather Service, in partnership with the Humboldt Office of Emergency Services, will activate the Emergency Alert System. This includes messaging on TV and radio stations, tsunami sirens in various coastal communities, and the Civil Air Patrol flying along the coast with an audible test message. 

These are tests only and no action is required, although you can submit any feedback for the test to Ryan Aylward with the National Weather Service. 

It's important to note that the tsunami sirens are for those in the tsunami inundation zones only! Don't be surpirsed when you don't hear them all the way on campus (we are thankfully up on the hill and out of the zone). 

Finally, are you signed up for emergency alerts? Emergency text messages are the best way to get information quickly in case of a major disaster affecting either HSU or the community as a whole. 

You can sign up for HSUAlert texts in the Portal, under MyProfile and the Emergency Contacts tab. There will also be a popup later today giving you the option of updating your info or signing up if you haven't already. 

Even if you have already signed up for HSUAlert, we highly recommend you sign up for the Humboldt County emergency alert system as well. You can sign up here for their system. 

Questions? Email eoc@humboldt.edu

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