Teaching & Learning Tip #10: Tips on Advising Student-Athletes

October 24, 2017

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Tip #10 : Tips on Advising Student-Athletes

Your advice could impact a player’s eligibility and their career.

Did you know? There are over 400 student-athletes at Humboldt State in any given year. That’s over 5% of our student population. Student-athletes are enrolled in over 37 different majors and participating in over 60 options/concentrations. On average, student-athletes have higher GPA’s and better outcomes than other students.

Why do Student-Athletes have better outcomes on average? To remain eligible to play, they must keep progressing towards degree, and maintain acceptable GPAs despite traveling for 20-30 days a term, and participating in their sport for up to 20 hours per week. Athletics also runs study halls that are mandated for many athletes.

Tips on advising student-athletes:

  • Please keep major contracts up to date with the registrar’s office.
  • Make sure students are enrolled in at least 12 units each term.
  • Units must be degree applicable as described on their DARS.
  • Remember, these students must pass at least 24 degree-applicable units a year.
  • If you anticipate a shortfall in units, please help them find a summer option.
  • Please fill out mid-term, student evaluations.  These are critical for advising athletes.
  • Contact Athletics with any questions.  The NCAA requirements are numerous!

Contributed by Duncan Robin, Athletics

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