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September 4, 2017

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Tip #3: Academic Concern for a Student?

Use the HSU Early Alert Software Platform, “Skyfactor Mapworks”!! Check out the Camtasia video links below to see how to access our early alert system, Skyfactor Mapworks, and how to notify the Mapworks Central Coordinator about an academic concern you have for a student (the student must either be an advisee or current coursework student). The coordinator will contact support personnel and let them know the referral exists. The author of the referral will receive an email indicating when the referral has been closed (coinciding with verified attempts to contact the student of concern or verification of interaction regarding the note of concern).  Referrals are visible to professional advisors, RAMP Mentors and faculty advisors; please use professional, and non-judgmental language and recognize this system is not designed for issues of concern addressed by the Dean of Students and the CARE system.

Questions? Please contact Tracy Smith, Director, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP), and Skyfactor Mapworks Central Coordinator, 826-5251, tracy.smith@humboldt.edu

Contributed by: Tracy Smith, RAMP Director

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