Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Update

April 10, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you already know, several members of the university community have been working diligently the past several months to assemble goals, strategies, and tactics for both recruitment and retention efforts at HSU. In consultation with the Student Success Alliance (SSA), the retention and recruitment councils have prepared strategic enrollment management (SEM) plans that outline strategies that will build a sustainable level of enrollment at HSU for years to come. The student services professionals, faculty, staff, and administrators in these groups moved forward without hesitation after we decided to end our AACRAO consulting engagement, and we sincerely thank them for their hard work.

Now we need your insight.

In line with our effort to increase transparency and build better communication and coordination, we now share these SEM draft plans with you for comments and suggestions. We recognize that the relationships our staff and faculty create with students are critical for both recruitment and retention. Your perspective is valuable, and we request your thoughtful feedback on the ideas these plans present.

A couple points: First, you will notice several overlapping strategies in the two council reports; this highlights the shared importance of these efforts for both recruitment and retention. You will also see that the two reports have slightly different formats, which are based on the preferences and priorities of the councils. We will consolidate these into a single report after this feedback period is complete. As we further define the SEM plan, groups and individuals from across campus will be included for further vetting, tactical planning, and implementation. Finally, evidence and data to support these recommended strategies are, for the most part, available on the Strategic Enrollment Management website. If you would like a quick refresher on the major data points, you may review the environmental scan presented in December 2017.

We ask that you take a look at the strategies and goals outlined and provide input to the councils for consideration. The comment period will continue until 3pm, April 27. An open forum for in-person feedback is being scheduled for the week of April 23. We will update you on the time and location of the forum in the coming days.

Recruitment Council Draft Plan (pdf)

Retention Council Draft Plan (pdf)

Both draft plans are also available on the SEM website.

You may provide your feedback here.


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