Staff member for Advisory Committee for the Selection of the President

October 1, 2013

The Chancellor's Office is calling together an Advisory Committee to the Trustees for the selection of the next University President. Staff Council will be soliciting nominations from staff members interested in participating as part of this selection process. One HSU staff representative will be elected by Staff Council from the group of nominees.

If you are interested please email no later than Monday, October 7th 2013. Below is more information regarding the committee’s charge as well as time/travel commitments:

Nominees must be available on the following dates and must be able to travel to San Francisco on March 7th

·        Oct. 28 Open Forum for campus and community in JVD at HSU followed by closed meeting for search committee in UBR. 10:00-3:00

·        Feb. 21 Closed meeting to review resumes at HSU 10:00-1:00

·        Mar 7 Closed meeting to interview candidates in San Francisco - all day and could involve flying down the night before depending on interview schedules

The Advisory Committee to the Trustees Committee for the Selection of the President:

The ACTCSP provides advice and consultation regarding the position and campus descriptions and any advertisement of the position. Members of the ACTCSP may also suggest potential candidates with the leadership qualities, administrative ability, academic qualities and other talents appropriate to the position. The ACTCSP reviews and comments on all candidate applications, participates in candidate interviews and the deliberations that lead to the selection of the final candidate(s). The consultative procedures are to be conducted in a manner designed to generate confidence in the selection process and garner local support for the eventual appointee. Following is a link to the complete policy

If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you,

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