Smart Classrooms and Computer Labs Update

August 23, 2013
Lab changes include:- A new control system in GH218. Please schedule an orientation before using this room.- Projector remotes are now by the instructor stations- FH202 and GH215 are now Mac-only facilities- Computers in HGH115 and SA364 have been upgraded to Dell Quad-cores- JH212 has been decommissionedA complete, up-to-date list of lab equipment can be found at Classroom changes include:- No VCRs in: BSS211, FH179, FOR107, GH124, GH218, HGH106, HGH204, KA102, KA104, KA106, NR201, SH115, SH116, TA11, WFB250- PowerPoints can be run in presentation mode in: ART B, BSS162, FH118, FH125, FH163, FH25, FR105, GH124, GH218, HGH204, MUS130, SA364, SH108, SH109, SH116, TA11A complete, up-to-date list of smart classroom equipment can be found at you're scheduled to use the Labs and/or Smart Classrooms for instruction this semester, please plan in some time BEFORE your first class to (re)familiarize yourself with the software and equipment. Contact Classroom Technology Services at x3166 as soon as possible to schedule your Technology Training Update session and ensure that your first class runs smoothly. Bring samples of your instructional materials when you come to training, too, so we can make sure we're covering everything you need.If you need to check out a particular piece of equipment from Classroom Technology Services, you should reserve it as soon as possible to ensure it will be available when you need it. If it's something you're not too familiar with using, we recommend you schedule an orientation session as well when you make the reservation.Questions? Call Classroom Technology Services at x3166 or send email to

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