SkillShops for Fall 2019 are Underway!

September 6, 2019

SkillShops are underway for Fall Semester!  Take advantage of co-curricular programs for students to learn software, develop their career skills or catch up on their research knowledge. 

 Co-Curricular Learning

SkillShops are 50-minute drop-in workshops focused on introducing and developing a wide range of skills and are designed to support learners through the encouragement of play, discovery, and social interaction. During the 2018/2019 academic year, HSU SkillShops attendance reached over 2,500 and included numerous partners from across campus, like the Learning Center, Academic and Career Advising Center, Peer Health Educators, and CAPS to name a few, who facilitated almost 350 workshops. Although SkillShops began as a program by the Library, it is now a cross-campus collaboration that offers students, staff, and faculty an engaging personalized and professional learning experience. 

 Each SkillShop is assigned to one of three themes: Personal Growth, Academic Growth, and Professional Growth. In the next few weeks the offerings include SkillShops on a wide range of topics including:

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to design their learning by attending a relevant SkillShop.

Integrate SkillShops as a Class Assignment

You can assign students to attend SkillShops to develop their understanding of topics needed for your class or discipline. You can also work with us to have specific SkillShops offered at a time in the semester that coincides with an assignment. Interested in how you can use SkillShops for your class or to help your students? Contact us with any questions, requests or ideas you may have:

If you are planning on offering extra credit to your students who attend SkillShops, you can have them track their attendance and get a snapshot of their learning by having them fill out a worksheet asking them to reflect on what they learned at the workshop and how they will use their new skills. 

Online SkillShops

There are also several online SkillShops available and more are being added each semester. All students, faculty and staff are invited to enroll in these SkillShops through Canvas:

New this year are Online and Skilled Learner Badges - a great way for students to show what they learned and how they applied their knowledge to an individual project.

Share Your Expertise

SkillShops are facilitated by faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders on campus. Contact if you have questions or ideas about sharing your passion and expertise for a topic as a SkillShop.