Response to Image in Student Newspaper

November 25, 2019

Dear HSU Community,

On Thursday, November 21st the latest edition of The Lumberjack was circulated with an insert of a parody version called The Dumberjack. The editors of The Dumberjack, with the support of their professor, made a decision to include on the cover a photo of a sign found on campus with a sexist “riddle.” The words on the sign are derogatory and reproduce a culture of gender-based discrimination.

This decision to feature this photo contradicts and undermines the inclusive, consent-based, and survivor-centered culture we are working to co-create on campus. There is no reconciling this contradiction and there is no justification for sexist communication in our campus community.

I will be inviting The Dumberjack creators and their professor to meet with our Dean of Students and the Co-Chairs of the HSU Sexual Assault Prevention Committee to discuss the impact and implications of the cover photo. I will follow up with the students and faculty following this meeting to discuss any resulting changes in editorial practice. I am confident we can move forward together stronger, with a fuller understanding, and with renewed commitment to our shared mission. I have the fullest respect for our student journalists and join other leadership in identifying this moment as important for the continued learning of all of us about journalistic rights and responsibilities.


Lisa Bond-Maupin, Professor and Dean
HSU College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

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