Process for Staff and Faculty Leaving Employment with HSU

April 29, 2020

During the pandemic, separating employees should turn in their Separating Employee Clearance Form and other items such as employee ID, keys, parking permit, ProCards and Travel Cards to the Parking Kiosk. The Parking Kiosk operating hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you are 65 or older or have an underlying medical condition that makes you more vulnerable to COVID-19 you may slip the items into the “after-hours key slot” located near the front desk entrance of the Facilities Management Building on the corner of B and 14th Streets.

If you have university issued equipment to return, work with your supervisor to drop off your equipment at your office.  Please remember to drop off your issued equipment and pick up your personal items prior to returning your keys.

Please remember to send an email to Facility Management Keys at at least 24 hours before your separating date. Facilities will then send you an email listing all hard keys and keycards that are still issued to you for your reference and work with you to schedule a day to return your keys to the Parking Kiosk. 

For questions, please contact Business Services at 707-826-3512.


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