New Ride Match Service for Faculty and Staff

January 31, 2023

New Ride Match Service for Faculty and Staff Helps You Save on Your Commute!

Carpooling is a smart way to share rides, cut costs, and avoid the need to find parking. Sharing a ride is also a great way to help fight climate change and to make new friends!


Current faculty and staff can now utilize the Cal Poly Humboldt Ride Match Service to connect with others living nearby who are interested in sharing a ride to/from campus. 


It’s easy to participate - simply complete the Ride Match Service Interest Form, and the Ride Match Coordinator will email you with details for connecting with nearby ride matches. You can either request rides, offer to drive, or both, and you decide which of the matches you wish to connect with. Only current faculty and staff over the age of 18 may participate.


And if you have 3 or more people in your car (2 if that is the car’s maximum capacity) you can access the Carpool Preferential Parking lot and avoid the hassle of parking!


Save money on gas, parking costs, and vehicle maintenance! Reduce pollution! Avoid parking frustrations! Join the Ride Match Network today!


Want to learn more? Come to an information session to learn more about the Ride Match Service and other mobility resources:

  • In-Person Info Session

    • Wednesday, February 15th, 12-1pm in the Great Hall (above the College Creek Marketplace)

  • ZOOM Info Sessions

    • Wednesday, February 15th, 4-4:30pm (ZOOM link)

    • Thursday, February 16th, 4-4:30pm (ZOOM link)


Email for additional questions, or visit the Sustainable Transportation webpage for further information.