New "Donor Voice" Program Solicits Input From Contributors

February 13, 2014

HSU Advancement is proud to announce Humboldt Loyalty's new Donor Voice Project. The Donor Voice Project empowers donors who contribute to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund or the Humboldt Parent & Family Fund. Donors will be able to give input into how Humboldt Loyalty grants are allocated. This new program recognizes the need to engage donors beyond fundraising appeals, and works to build a more robust and meaningful relationship between the University and its donors.

Under the Donor Voice Project, donors will receive a list of potential projects that have been identified and prioritized by the campus community. Donors will have an opportunity to rank potential projects based on their preferences, and these rankings will be incorporated into the decision making process by the Deans and Vice Presidents, who make recommendations to the President about allocation of the funds.