Join the Storm Water Task Force

October 17, 2023

The newly formed Storm Water Task Force is about to kick off with the first meeting. Most of the spots are filled which is very exciting; however, we still have a few openings! The perspective and input of students are crucial. If you are interested or know any students who want to join the task force, please email the Chair:

Review the draft taskforce guidelines 

We are looking for the following: 

  • Chair (filled): 
  • Vice-Chair (filled): 
  • Secretary (Vacant)
  • Student (Vacant)
  • Student (Vacant)  
  • Facilities Management Representative (Filled
  • Facilities Management Representative (Filled
  • Staff Admin Affairs (Filled) 
  • Staff Admin Affairs (Filled
  • Staff Academic Affairs (Filled
  • Staff Academic Affairs (vacant)
  • Staff Student Affairs (Filled
  • Staff Student Affairs (vacant)
  • Faculty (Filled)
  • Faculty (Filled)


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