Information on Concerns Raised by UPD Employees

September 30, 2019

Earlier today, I learned of a vote of no confidence in the University’s Police Chief by members of the union within the University Police Department.

At HSU, we take seriously any concerns raised by University employees.  We will thoroughly investigate all of the allegations brought to our attention.

HSU has high expectations for all employees within the University Police Department and remains committed to helping them be effective. We support them in the focus, as stated in their mission statement, on being “leaders in creating a safe campus and promoting student success by modeling equity, transparency, enhancing access and approachability, and delivering the very best ethical, community-based law enforcement practices.”

During his tenure at HSU, Chief Peterson and his team have enhanced outreach to students through the Chief’s Advisory Panel, created the safety escort program, and worked closely with Equity Arcata. The University Police Department will remain committed to our engagement in these activities and other efforts to ensure student safety.  


Douglas V. Dawes
Vice President for Administration & Finance


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