Humboldt State’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Becomes a Dam Worth It Branch Class of 2021

September 15, 2021

As announced by Dam Worth It (DWI) Company on their social media platforms, Humboldt State University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) will join Oregon State University and the University of Kentucky in the Dam Worth It Class of 2021. Dam Worth It’s mission is to utilize the influential platform of sport, partnered with the power of storytelling to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

“I am excited to bring Dam Worth It to our school, many athletes and students struggle with mental health due to the increased pressure of their social life, school, performance, etc.” said Humboldt State Track and Field Student-Athlete and Humboldt State Branch Dam Worth It Chair Grace Kasberger.  “My team and I are here to end the stigma surrounding mental health. We will make it a priority to let people know it is okay to not be okay. We will achieve this by sharing and listening to stories, in hopes that others reach out and share their stories as well and get the help they need.” 

“Back in 2017, myself and my co-founder, Taylor Ricci, created Dam Worth It at Oregon State University after losing teammates to suicide,” said Nathan Braaten (co-founder and executive director of Dam Worth It Company).  “After seeing the incredible impact that Dam Worth It had at OSU, we were inspired to bring this model to other universities and high schools across the country. Nearly four years later, we couldn’t be more excited to have 4 branches launching as the Branch Class of 2021. Through this partnership and branch launch at Humboldt State, we are going to create mental health leaders, reduce the stigma around mental health, and ultimately, create a culture that truly values the importance of mental health in our everyday lives. The team at Dam Worth It Company cannot wait to see the impact that this branch and its campus leaders will bring to HSU.”

The Dam Worth It leadership team at Humboldt State will be led by Humboldt State’s track and field student-athlete Grace Kasberger. Other members of the leadership team are Zoe Becker (women’s track and field), Morgan Brant (softball), Macy Thomas (volleyball), Elliott Portillo (men’s cross country), Rosa Granados (women’s cross country), Anna Brondos (softball), Poppy Cartledge (women's soccer), Ben Lindsey (men's track and field) and Chase Marcum (HSU’s Associated Students)

Dam Worth It began as a small mental health awareness campaign on the campus of Oregon State University during the 2018-19 school year.  The co-founders took off on a speaking tour that was funded by the PAC-12 conference where  they had the opportunity to speak to thousands of student-athletes and staff. Through these speaking engagements, they inspired, they motivated, and they gave these schools the tools they needed to start their own movements.  What started as the Dam Worth It campaign re-launched as the non-profit Dam Worth It Company last November 2020. It is now continuing to establish branches at both high school and college campuses across the country. For more information on Dam Worth It, go to

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