HSU Professional Development Newsletter - November 2021

November 3, 2021

This month inside HSU Professional Development Newsletter

  • Communication During Change - In the months ahead, we will be offering a broadened menu of training related to people-centered change management, where you can lean into this type of learning - and more. Keep an eye out for updates coming soon!
  • Twitter for Professionals: Promoting a Business & Engaging with Users - Learn to identify trends, use hashtags effectively, deploy business-specific features and call-to-action buttons, and interact with Twitter users in meaningful and engaging ways.
  • Become a Great Listener - You'll learn how to recognize the behaviors that indicate receptivity, as well as to identify the different types of listener. You’ll also learn how to ask the right questions to ensure that you understand what is being communicated.
  • Snapping the “Picture Perfect” Image at Home - his interactive session introduces you to the basic compositional rules of photography and provides you with tips and tricks to capturing that “picture perfect” image. 
  • Network 2 Get Work - Come and build skills to help your job search. We will discuss using LinkedIn to network and how to navigate making professional connections.
  • 4 Ways To Manage Your Energy And Have A Balanced, Productive Workday -Why do so many organizations and people focus on time and time management? If you were to meet every deadline, despite your body and mind begging for rest and recovery time, did you just run a sprint or a marathon? How often in your daily work life do you sprint, so to speak? 
  • Respect in the Workplace - Designed to create a healthy work environment that promotes mutual respect and positive working relationships. 
  • On the Bookshelf - The Gratitude Project
  • Exposing Hidden Bias - Come learn about diversity & inclusion, how to recognize areas where unconscious bias may surface, identify strategies for avoiding bias, and learn of resources available for additional learning and involvement.
  • Re-Discover and Re-Imagine: Reinvention After Disruption - This session will focus on the inevitable changes that we face during times of disruption and specific strategies to transform our mindsets and inspire reinvention.
  • Positive Psychology - Join this engaging and interactive learning experience on how positive psychology can lead to personal and professional success. 
  • Onboarding New and Reassigned Employees - This course will equip anyone with employee onboarding responsibilities with clear guidelines and best practices for onboarding new and reassigned employees.
  • Connect and Center - This 30 minute opportunity to connect with others and experience guided meditation is offered weekly on Fridays at noon.
  • CSU's Got Talent - Digital Nutrition: Deguilt your tech use and optimize your digital wellbeing
  • Online Skillshops @ the Library
  • HSU Workshop for Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities 
  • and more! 

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