HSU HR Professional Development Opportunities for Jan 20 - 24

January 10, 2020

January 23 @ 10 AM
Managing Difficult Colleagues
Difficult colleagues come in many forms. Gain a better understanding of the motivations behind difficult personalities, and learn strategies for how to communicate with and influence different personality types.  This is a multi-modal course, with a blend of webinar content and facilitated group dialogue.
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January 23 @ Noon
The Science of Change: Strategies for Effective Individual and Organizational Change
An exciting body of research reveals surprising and effective tools for sustaining passion, performance, and creativity. This workshop will explore the research and provide resources for sustaining excellence and enthusiasm in health, relationships, and work.
Guest speaker Dr. Robert Maurer is the author of "One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way".
Lunch will be provided. Space is limited; pre-registration is required.
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January 24 @ 10 AM
HSU Understanding ADA Accommodations
This training will review the ADA accommodation and disability interactive process for Administrators including roles and responsibilities for those involved.
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