HSU Budget and Our Commitment to You

February 28, 2018

The following was sent to all students earlier this week.

Dear Students,

As you have probably heard, HSU is facing significant budget challenges and must reduce our overall spending by $9 million over the next two years.

I am writing today to reassure you that our very highest priority remains your educational experience. Even as we make reductions, we are protecting the core offerings of classes and support to help you progress toward completing your degree. Our budget decisions will lead to a “Students First” budget, which I will share with the campus community by March 29.

I know that student interest in the budget process ranges widely, including some who want to be deeply involved in planning, some who want to understand the basics of the situation, and some who want it solved by the people who work here. I am writing this message to provide an overview to all of you.  By way of summary, the two-year plan will reduce HSU’s overall operational budget by $9 million, to approximately $135 million. This will end years of deficit spending, put us in a much stronger financial position, and allow us to better invest in serving our students today and in the future. The details of our budget planning are at the HSU Budget Office website. Among other things, the site has background reports and Cabinet’s document detailing recent decisions and recommendations (pdf).

You can provide feedback and ideas about the University’s budget using this form on the Budget Office website. Students serve on many of the committees and groups that are involved in budget planning; if you are interested in this type of role in the future, please contact one of your representatives in Associated Students.

Looking ahead, we are facing difficult work across campus as we implement the reductions.  Our priorities in this budget planning process are: student success; equity and diversity; fiscal stability and stewardship; and shared responsibility and accountability.

Please know that we all remain committed to you, our students. The energy that will be on display in coming months is a direct result of our shared dedication to doing our very best to help you complete your college education and pursue your dreams. Members of the University community may disagree on some issues, but we do agree on the value of higher education and our focus on your success.

I wish you all the best for the remainder of the spring semester. And I look forward to congratulating many of you as you receive your diploma at our commencement ceremonies in May.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.

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