August 7, 2015

Orientation Week is August 17-21: I am including the links to the orientation schedules in Google Drive below:  

HOP Freshmen Schedule

Family & Guest Orientation Schedule

  • HOP is three days: Wednesday, August 19-Friday, August 21
    • HOP check-in is Wed. 8/19 at 8am in the UC Quad
  • Family orientation is 1.5 days: Wednesday, August 19-Thursday, August 20
  • Family check-in is Tues. 8/18 8am-5pm at Housing move-in, Jolly Giant Commons parking lot. There's a last chance family check-in on Wed. 8/19 8-9am in South Lounge, University Center, but families are strongly encouraged to check-in on Tuesday
  • Please note that several hundred new freshmen and their families arrive to campus early by choice or to participate in great programs like:
    • Athletics
    • EOP Summer Bridge Orientation
    • Humboldt Outdoor Wilderness Leadership (HOWL, Center Activities)
    • Klamath Connection
    • Plan to see campus visitors as early as Saturday, August 15
  • HOOPConnect is a supplemental on-campus session and is taking place Friday, August 21 9am-1pm
    • This session is focused on icebreakers, Q & A with student Ambassadors, and a specialized campus tour designed to help transfers settle into campus life and find their classrooms for Monday
  • Freshmen Housing Move-in is taking place on Tuesday, August 18
  • HOOP for incoming transfer students is completed in a 100% online format. The final HOOP session is August 10-August 14

Presenting during HOP?

For those of you who are hosting activities or are invited presenters (thank you!) please note that you should have already received an HOP Google calendar invite. I will be sending reminder emails soon.

  • A calendar event is sent out for most activities.
    • HOP does not send one for each orientation to the major session.
  • These event invitations often contain information specific to your activity in the "description" of the calendar event.

Summary of Orientation Activities

I encourage you to keep these key details and schedules handy in the event that you come across an orientation participant who has questions. I've compiled these based on FAQs:

  • General Announcements
    • Please expect to have a student or family member drop-in at any point. They may seek you out on their own if they are lost or have questions. 
    • HOP Information Station during HOP Week: If you or an orientation guest has a question about orientation please contact x6270 or visit the Admissions Visitor Center on the 1st Floor of Student & Business Services (SBS) throughout orientation week. All orientation staff will be out & about that week and we partner with Admissions to provide a support station. New students and families are also receiving this contact information.
      • Prior to HOP week, we will continue to respond to questions as quickly as we're able at x3510 or hop@humboldt.edu
    • Orientation has mandatory activities all-day for all 3 days of orientation. Freshmen should not be asked to attend non-HOP activities during these 3 days so as to not conflict with mandatory activities.
    • Parking permits (valid for 8/19-8/21 only) will be emailed to students next week and will be easily accessible on the HOP website: humboldt.edu/orientation starting next week. 
    • You may have noticed that HOP has many smartrooms/computer labs booked. Although we're not in these spaces all day, we are in them often throughout the day for peer group sessions. We may leave HOP-related materials in those rooms and ask for your support in honoring our room reservations and leaving materials as you may find them throughout the week.
  • HOP Announcements by Day:
  • Wednesday, August 19: HOP begins at 8am in the UC Quad and the Quad will be packed with people until 9:30am.  This day is focused on welcoming new students & families and getting them connected socially & with campus resources. All orientation participants will be in Redwood Bowl 11am-2pm this day.
  • Thursday, August 20: This day is focused on academics. Student/family morning activities are based on the student's last name. Peak time for students who may need assistance with directions across campus is just before their orientation to the major sessions at 2:45 and 4:15pm. They should be referring to page 4 of their schedules for the location. Students or families may need reminders about the majors in an academic college. Both schedules also have this information.
  • Please expect heavy traffic in the Library Circle from 10am-2pm for loading/unloading. Local businesses are tabling alongside HSU support offices at 11am-1pm in the UC Quad. Representatives from these businesses should be directed to staff at the Library Circle/Quad if they have questions.
  • The HSU Admissions Outreach team is leading a family farewell activity with families and students in the UC Quad 1-1:30pm. This marks the end of Family Orientation. Expect possible peak office drop-in's from families today 1:30-5pm
  • Friday, August 21: This last day is focused on informational workshops and finalizing schedules. There are several rotation groups walking across campus to large meeting spaces. Orientation will end at 4:30pm for most students.

Thank you for supporting our new freshmen and their families. If you have questions or wish to discuss HOP activities, please connect with me directly as you like. Take care. Marissa, EXT. 3507