Facilities Use Guidelines & Event Services Updates

April 4, 2024

Starting April 1, there are new Guidelines for Facilities Use and Charges for space and hosting responsibilities, and applicable charges and discounts for events services and spaces. 

The most notable changes included in the new guidelines and updated pricing matrix are the following:

Fee Waivers and Costs [UPDATED Facilities Use Pricing]

  • Internal University Events that are collecting money will no longer incur facility rental fees.
  • University Hosted/Sponsored Events (those events being hosted by Internal Users in coordination with external groups as part of recruitment or community engagement and/or collaboration efforts) will be granted a 50% reduction of facility fees with a completed and approved University Hosting Agreement. Any further reductions will be limited and may occasionally be granted upon exception.
  • Local 501(c)(3) non-profit youth group, organization, or school may be granted 50% facility fee waivers for up to five (5) uses per academic year (July 1-June 30), subject to space availability and staffing resources.
  • Fees will apply to for-profit individuals, groups, or organizations.

Defined Baseline and Additional Support Service Fees

  • Baseline Services: These are services included in facility use charges and not applicable to internal University events. These include services such as:
    • space setup for standard rooms. (There will be standard layout options to choose from)
    • custodial, waste and refuse
    • table and chair delivery
    • standard room/space set up
    • use of existing A/V equipment in space, and building/space access during normal business hours 
  • Additional Support Service Fees: All events including internal University, hosted/sponsored and external events will be responsible for additional direct costs above and beyond baseline services as well additional equipment, services, or labor as required by the facility or requested by the user. These items are listed on the CES website.
    • Internal users will only be billed for facility use charges and direct costs that total $100 or more combined per event. 
    • Fees are waived for Institutional events; however, every effort shall be made to limit excessive use of University resources, labor, and equipment for these events.

Scheduling Restrictions Outside Building Open Hours, Holidays, or Campus Closures

  • Room reservations should fall within the scheduled building open hours that can be found on the Facilities Management Website
  • All University facilities are closed and activities and events are generally not permitted to be scheduled on campus holidays and during campus closures. Request for Exception of Facility Use must be approved prior to a reservation request being approved.

Reservations for Institutional Events: Space for these events must be reserved at least 24 months in advance.

More information can be found on the CES website. Please reach out to Conference & Event Services at ces@humboldt.edu if you have any questions.


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