Facilities Condition Audit - Feb 17-22

February 12, 2014

Facilities Management will be working with a firm called ISES to perform a Facilities Condition Audit in a number of our buildings to be done the week of Feb. 17-22.

The evaluation consists of an assessment which is focused on the critical facets of the facility such as Accessibility, Electrical, Fire and Life Safety, HVAC, Plumbing, Interior and Exterior Finishes, Systems and Vertical Transportation.  ISES works with Campuses nationwide and has worked with many other CSU campuses.  http://www.isescorp.com/HOME.aspx

The field work for ISES will be conducted the week of February 17-22, 2014 where their staff accompanied by Plant Operations personnel will be looking in and around campus spaces and evaluating   systems.  They will be wearing badges and clothing identifying them as ISES employees as well.  

The information collected will help focus and align Campus priorities with the extensive deferred maintenance needs of our campus. Contact Mark Baker, Senior Director of Plant Operations at 826-3646 with any questions or concerns.

For the order of their assessment, please see the attached file.

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