Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association Call for Nominations

August 18, 2023

Emeritus Status Nominations for Retired Tenured Faculty, Lecturers, Staff, and Administrators Are Due to the Senate Office by September 1


Guidelines: How to apply for Emeritus Status

  • The retiree must complete the Informational Template for Emeritus Status. They email the information to their Nominator. It is available at https://erfsa.humboldt.edu/
  • The retiree’s Nominator must complete the Fall 2023 Humboldt Staff & Faculty Emeritus Status Nomination form. It is available at https://erfsa.humboldt.edu/

Nominators can be:

  • Former department personnel committee, or
  • Former department Chair, or
  • Former supervisor in your former academic unit or working unit; or
  • Humboldt-Emeritus, Retired Faculty and Staff Association (Humboldt-ERFSA) can nominate you when your previous supervisor or department chair is no longer employed or in a position to nominate you verifying that you meet the criteria for emeritus status.

Eligibility for Emeritus Status:

  • Retired Cal Poly Humboldt Tenured Faculty, including FERP faculty are eligible to apply. FERP faculty should apply since they are retired. (If you retired from Cal Poly Humboldt prior to December 2020, you should  have received Emeritus Status and do not need to reapply for it.)
  • Retired Cal Poly Humboldt Lecturers, Staff, and Administrators are eligible to apply.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Retirement from the California State University; having provided ten or more years of full-time service or its aggregated equivalent at this campus (Cal Poly Humboldt); and, in special circumstances, the University Senate may award emeritus status to faculty or staff with less than 10 years of cumulative service.
  • Meritorious contributions to teaching, scholarship, and/or service to CSU.
  • A history of conduct or behavior that contravenes basic university policies or the university purpose, vision or core values and beliefs, including serious criminal offenses, fraud, or Title IX violations, is cause for denial of Emeritus Status. Individuals involved in ongoing investigations for such conduct or behavior are not eligible for emeritus status until the conclusion of the investigation(s).

Emeritus Status is granted by the approval of a simple majority of the University Senate membership.

  • The process may take up to 6 weeks after the nomination deadline.

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