CSU Hospitality Policy Update

August 29, 2023

Over the summer, the Chancellor’s Office made revisions to the Hospitality Policy (ICSUAM 01301.00). The primary change was the addition of Section H. Hospitality Justification Form. All hospitality expenses must have a completed hospitality justification form submitted along with supporting backup documentation such as a quote, invoice, and original receipt when requesting payment or reimbursement. Although our campus was already using a Hospitality form, we have made adjustments to collect the new required information:

  • The type of event (business meeting, department meeting, host of official guest, employee recognition, reception, fundraising or community outreach, etc.).
  • If the meeting is reoccurring.
  • The business purpose of the meeting or event. The business purpose must be specific and provide enough information to a third-party reviewer to understand the nature and purpose of the meeting.
  • Type of hospitality (meals/refreshments, service recognition, etc.).
  • Location and date.
  • List of attendees and their business relationship to the campus.
  • The cost of the meal per attendee.
  • For a large group where the names of attendees are unknown, a description of the group and estimated cost of the meal per attendee is sufficient.

In addition to these changes, our campus has elected to increase the maximum per meal allowance for each meal type by $10 to: Breakfast ($40); Lunch ($50); Dinner ($85); and Light Refreshment ($40). Please review our Hospitality website and start using the revised Hospitality Form effective 9/1/23. If an exception to exceed these limits is required, the form now includes an exception approval signature by the CFO, Sherie Gordon.

Please direct any questions to our AP Manager, Erica Grey (ek11@humboldt.edu).

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