Course archives to get additional security

November 5, 2014

In response to requests by faculty, and to ensure the integrity of student data as required, all Moodle course archives from past semesters are being set to read only to prevent course records from being inadvertently altered after the course is over, effective October 31, 2014. Faculty and students will continue to have access to all of their materials, which will also remain available for course copies.

All future courses will be archived on the following semester’s first day of class; for example, Fall 2014 courses will be archived on the first day of Spring 2015 classes. This should allow faculty sufficient time to complete any remaining actions from the previous semester.

This process does not affect student grade changes, which will continue to be handled via the Registrar’s office.

Please contact Bill Bateman in the Moodle office at X4213 with any questions.

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