Conduct in Men’s Basketball Being Investigated

March 28, 2023

Cal Poly Humboldt has broadened its investigation into reports of mistreatment of players as well as other misconduct within its intercollegiate men’s basketball program.

In addition to the inquiries being conducted by a number of campus units, including Intercollegiate Athletics, an outside firm is being retained to carry out an independent investigation. 

While the length of these investigations cannot be known for certain, the University is committed to completing them quickly while also ensuring a comprehensive examination of issues that have been raised.

The well-being of the student-athletes is, as always, the top priority. All of the basketball student-athletes will continue to receive the full range of services and support they have been receiving within Intercollegiate Athletics and the University as a whole. 

Any student-athlete seeking additional assistance is encouraged to contact the main Intercollegiate Athletics Office, speak to the Faculty Athletics Representative, or contact the Dean of Students Office. They may also access any of the range of support services across campus.

Lumberjack Basketball has a strong history of success in the classroom, on the court, and in the community. A focus on the well-being and development of the student-athletes has been a big part of that, and Cal Poly Humboldt is committed to continuing the legacy.

Cal Poly Humboldt values and supports all students, faculty, and staff, and seeks to maintain a positive learning environment for all. Numerous resources are available for reporting misconduct and for seeking support, including those listed below:

Reports of Title IX are handled using a process described here. To report Title IX issues:

To talk with a confidential resource:

  • North Coast Rape Crisis Team
    24-Hour hotline: (707) 445-2881
    NCRCT Website

  • Humboldt Domestic Violence Services
    24-Hour Hotline: (707) 443-6042
    HDVS Website

  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    24-Hour Phone: (707) 826-3236
    CAPS Website

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