Common Human Resources System Check-In

July 18, 2019

Please join us for the Common Human Resources System (CHRS) Milestone Check-In on Monday, July 22, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m., SBS 345.

Every six months, the CHRS Program Team and Campuses will bring you up to speed with the status of all things CHRS.

What we'll cover:

  • Hear from the CHRS Steering Committee
  • Meet new team members
  • Hear what has been accomplished so far on CHRS, and
  • What is expected for the remainder of 2019
  • Find out what software has been developed so far
  • Learn the strategies and how they have been updated

The CHRS Program team will be available to address your questions.

CHRS is a program designed to create a single HR data management system for all of the CSU. It includes upgrading to the latest version of the PeopleSoft HR application and providing a consistent baseline of technology. In addition, the program will deliver a shared HR data warehouse that will be centrally developed and maintained, will include a core set of analytic tools (dashboards and reports), and will provide a data source for local campus data warehouses. CHRS will have many valuable benefits for the overall system and the campuses, including:

  • Access to the most current version of software available, which includes significant added new functionality;
  • Allows for more rapid deployment of new system functionality;
  • Common business practices across the campuses to provide administrative efficiencies and reduce modifications to the system;
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics at the campus and system levels;
  • Improved user experiences in the HR applications, including enabling future mobile access to HR services and improved recruiting and on-boarding capabilities;
  • Alignment with the upgrade of the Student System that must take place; and
  • Positions the CSU to consider cloud-based or other technology platforms in the future.

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