Clarification: Fall Preview, November 8, 2019

November 6, 2019

This version provides correct information about parking.


Hello Humboldt State University Family,

This Friday, November 8, 2019, we will welcome prospective students and their families for HSU's annual, Fall Preview. Registration for the event is currently at 660+ guests, which includes 300+ students for Spring 20, Fall 20, and future terms. This is a 200% increase from the previous year! The goal of this event is to generate applications for the Fall 2020 semester, so please share with our visiting families all the reasons why Humboldt is such a great institution. We also intend to encourage Spring 20 applicants to make their final decision on HSU.   

During the day on Thursday and Friday, you may come across a future student or guest who needs assistance, directions, or may want to hear your perspective about Humboldt State.  Please know that our recruitment team is here to support you all, and that students or guests may need to be escorted or directed to the tour tent at the University Center Quad, which will be available from noon until 5:00 pm.  If you have a few extra moments, the investment of your time and talent to walk a future student or their family to the quad, if you are able, will make an incredible difference.  Please remember to tell students about our academic quality, why you chose HSU, or why you have remained here since arriving.  Telling our future students and families about your success story, or that of another student or graduate is always appreciated.  

Every interaction that our future students and their families have with members of the HSU community will help inform their decision of where to attend college. We believe that the campus visit is the most impactful way to ensure them that HSU is THE CHOICE!

This year's event will be utilizing our new technology in the forms of Humbot, Cadence Texting Platform, and the revitalized mobile app. Additionally, you will notice our local community playing a large part in this year's event. We will have community first responders on campus answering questions and we have local businesses integrated into events at the city plaza. Please see the agenda, which is also enclosed, for additional details and to see the full schedule. The schedule can also be used as a resource if you run into any visiting families. 

Please also note that we expect on-campus parking to be limited that day so please plan accordingly. Parking and Commuter Services is working with Admissions to assure that all families receive parking permits for Friday’s event as parking is still being enforced. We are making every effort with campus partners to assure each family has a great experience at Fall Preview.

We hope you are as excited as we are to meet our future Lumberjacks and their families! 


With Sincere Gratitude,   

Dr. Jason L. Meriwether
Vice President of Enrollment Management

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