Celebrate International Women's Day - March 8

March 7, 2014

International Women’s Day has been observed since 1911, and is now honored around the world. On this day, we celebrate the progress made in advancing women’s equity but also to consider the work still to be done to achieve true global equality.

Women’s access to healthcare, employment, and most dear to my heart, education, has improved dramatically. Here at Humboldt State, our first graduate was a woman, and we remain committed to equip women with the tools needed to achieve and succeed. However, there is still much to be done to improve women’s access to education, health care and employment around the world.

We must all work together to develop lasting solutions to social, economic and political challenges to equality. International Women’s Day seeks to address the barriers facing women and girls, while also honoring their achievements and the progress that has been made.

Please join me on March 8 in recognizing International Women’s Day at Humboldt State. I encourage all students, faculty and staff to consider these issues while celebrating girls and women. There are local events taking place on March 8 that I also encourage you all to attend.

President Rollin C. Richmond.

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