Campus Food Trucks and Concessions Guidelines

January 17, 2024

The University has formalized the food truck guidelines, as well as the campus event concessions policy which is included below. We’re pleased to announce that our campus Food Truck request process is now easily available in 25Live.  All food trucks are required to be parked in a pre-approved food truck site. In 25Live you are able to request a food truck for your event in university established pre-approved food truck locations.

 The following food truck locations have been approved:
-- Parking lot behind SRC (G33)
-- University Quad
-- Library parking lot (FS6-metered area)


The following food trucks (and tents) have been approved:

-- Alma's Mexican Food Truck

-- Backwood Burritos Cart (can serve up to 120 persons per event)

-- Big Island Kine

-- Buttercream Broomstick

-- Cap's Food Shack

-- Frybread Love (food tent)

-- Little Bits

-- Livin' the Dream Ice Cream

-- Los Giles

-- Pineapple Express

-- Taste of Bim

-- The Ville Co (food tent)


Food Truck Guidelines

  1. All food trucks (and food tents) for campus events must be administered through Chartwells Catering.

  2. One (1) to two (2) campus food truck events will be permitted per month. Additional requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Event planners make their request for a food truck (or food tent) in their 25Live event submission no less than 30 days in advance
    -- 25Live will automatically notify Chartwells Catering for review & approval/denial
    -- Chartwells will reach out to the requesting department to confirm food truck arrangements

  4. When submitting the request in 25Live, answer the questions as follows:
    -- “Will you have food or beverages at your event?” From the drop down menu: select “Yes, Low-risk Food Truck” or “Yes, Low-Risk Food Tent”
    -- Select vendors in preferred order, 1-3

  5. When submitting the request in 25Live, select your preferred food truck from one of the pre-approved locations:
    -- The parking lot behind SRC (G33) Capacity: Can accommodate up to three (3) food trucks per event
    -- The University Quad Capacity: Can accommodate up to three (3) food trucks per event
    -- The library parking lot (FS6-metered area) Capacity: only (1) food truck per event

  6. Having a food truck (or food tent) requires an approved State Fire Marshal form with the proposed event layout. This form must be submitted with your 25Live event request at least thirty (30) days in advance of the event

  7. Food Truck minimums will apply, i.e.: $1,000 minimum is typical for a guarantee

  8. The department or group hosting the event will be required to fund the difference if sales fall short of the agreed upon guarantee

  9. Cancellations or changes for food truck (or tent) must occur no less than five (5) business days before the event

Event Concessions Policy

Chartwells Catering has the exclusive right to provide concessions at Cal Poly Humboldt.  This includes all performance and sporting events.  Chartwells Catering has the first right of refusal, requiring that all requests for concessions at events be facilitated or approved by Chartwells Catering.  Chartwells Catering may elect to waive their right if they are not able to provide staffing for concessions at an event and allow the event to facilitate their own concessions.  However, all concessions must follow University guidelines for food, health and safety protocols, as well as all staff meeting cash handling training requirements.

For additional food offerings on campus (unless it is a closed event i.e. not open to the public), there may be other requirements for food safety, including requesting a permit or obtaining a training certificate. For more information and to review the food safety policy go to:

Please reach out to Conference & Event Services at if you have any questions about the 25Live process or technical issues, or Catering at for any specific guideline questions.

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