Campus Evaluating Auxiliaries Restructuring

February 20, 2014

Humboldt State University is exploring a reorganization of three of its auxiliaries -- Advancement Foundation, Sponsored Programs Foundation, and University Center. A task force appointed by President Richmond last year recommended exploring whether a restructuring would:

  • Enhance cost effectiveness
  • Coordinate across the organizations, as well as the University
  • Bring better transparency and accountability
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of administrative services
  • Better serve the University‚Äôs programs

Now, technical working groups are evaluating the implementation of the proposed restructuring.

Students, staff, faculty, and community representatives have and continue to provide input and many of the original task force members are also serving on working groups. This work will be distilled into recommendations made to President Richmond later this spring, at which point he will decide how best to proceed.

More details are in the attachment.

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