Campus Closed Friday, Nov. 29

November 7, 2019

As published in the Green and Gold calendar, the campus will be closed the day after Thanksgiving, which is not covered by a holiday. All employees taking this day off who are not academic-year faculty will need to use leave credits, CTO, or dock on November 29.

While it is the University’s intent to encourage employees to take the time off, some may choose to work during closure.  Please notify your Appropriate Administrator of your intention to work on November 29 no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, November 15.  If notified after this time, Appropriate Administrators may be unable to provide meaningful work or safe and comfortable workspaces for employees requesting to work.  For energy savings reasons, employees may be assigned to alternative work locations and/or assignments. 

Be mindful that, with the exception of an ADA accommodation that has been approved in advance by Human Resources, Appropriate Administrators are not authorized to allow employees to work remotely from home or any other off-campus location during the closure. 

Please see applicable collective bargaining agreements regarding campus closure.   If you choose to dock on the 29th, please enter that choice in absence management and fax Form PR-55 to Payroll at 4917 no later than November 15 annotating the docked period.

If you have any questions regarding absence management, please contact Alexis Collins at ext. 4914.  If you have any questions regarding this campus closure announcement, please contact Human Resources at ext. 3626.

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