Cal Poly Humboldt Professional Development Newsletter - January 2024

January 9, 2024

This month inside Cal Poly Humboldt Professional Development Newsletter

Discover New Courses All Year Long - January is a month where we make resolutions, where we decide what we are going to accomplish in a year. Why not make one of those resolutions to learn something new every month? Cal Poly Humboldt and the Chancellor's Office has many options for you to accomplish that resolution. 

CSU Learn Courses

  • Creating, Joining & Managing Meetings in Zoom Desktop - In this 10-video course, learners will discover how to use Zoom's different features to easily set up and hold meetings from home
  • Understanding Approaches to Social Media Communication - In this course, you'll learn why social media is such an important tool of persuasion for businesses. You'll explore how companies use social media today as a key component of a persuasive communication strategy.
CSU's Got Talent Webinars

  • Magic Words - What to Say to Get Your Way
  • Al Tools, Ethics & Challenges - How I Leverage Technology to Boost Productivity
  • Teamwork Across Generations - Navigating Communication Divides in the Modem Workplace
  • Relationship Intelligence - How Relationships Really Work and Why Your Future Depends on Your RQ
  • Society Strategy Self - Your Impact on the Future of Work
  • The Burnout Epidemic - A Candid Conversation about Balancing Wellbeing and Performance
  • Micro-affirmations - Nurturing a Culture of Care through Small but Powerful Gestures
  • Procrastination - What It Is, Why We Do It, and What You Can Do About It
  • Frugal Innovation - Co-building a Better World with Less
  • Outsmarting Importing Syndrome - How to Own Your Zone of Brilliance with More Confidence and Less Stress
Much More

  • 8 Ways to Cultivate the Habit of Learning - The best part about learning new things is gaining a broader perspective. With this comes several other benefits.
  • Top 100 Useless Movie Facts You Don't Need to Know

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