Audit Found Deficiencies Related to Health and Safety Plans

November 4, 2019


"Audit found deficiencies related to health and safety plans and/or procedures,” according to the Health and Safety (HS) audit conducted by the Chancellors Office Audit and Advisory services between April and May 2019, the operational and administrative controls for HS as of May 17, 2019, were unlikely to provide reasonable assurance that risks were being managed and objectives were met.

The purpose of this announcement is to communicate to the campus community that a few EH&S plans (specifically the campus Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan) and program elements or procedures (spill response) were either updated or altered to make them more complete for end-users.  See the EH&S website linked below to locate the updated plans and/procedures and ensure if they pertain to your work, that you have access to the most updated version.

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