"Art in Service" Veterans Day events

November 6, 2023
The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences has partnered with Humboldt College Corps to offer a series of events on Art In Service, on and around this year's Veterans Day. We invite you to check out the attached flyers, and to mark your calendars: all events are free and open to the public.
Veteran Ceramicists will offer artist talks and studio demonstrations at Cal Poly and College of the Redwoods; the Arcata Veterans Hall will host a Dinner & Discussion event, with an extraordinary set of panelists; Veteran Artists and Art Professors will join the Veterans Day at McKay Community Connections Fair, for an afternoon of free, interactive art-making.
Each of these events will draw the campus and community together, to explore the role of the Arts in Veterans' transition back to civilian life, and how the Arts might foster authentic relationships between Veterans and civilians. Centering and honoring Veteran Artists, this series asks each of us to consider the relationship between our own civic responsibility and our awareness of the nation's wars and their effects. 
Join us, at one or more of these events, to celebrate the continued service of Veterans in our community, and to support the expressive, healing, and communicative role of the Arts in that service. 
For more information, contact collegecorps@humboldt.edu.


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