Administrative Affairs Restructuring and Website Updates

January 9, 2024

In a continual effort to improve campus processes and support campus as a whole, VP Sherie Gordon restructured some of the departments within Administrative Affairs.  Below please find an outline of these changes:

  • This summer, the Payroll team returned to Human Resources;
  • Accounts Payable and Travel, previously under Contracts, Procurement & Accounts Payable, was moved to the University Controller and can be found on the website under Financial Services;
  • The University Controller, previously under Budget and Finance, moved to become a direct report to the VP;
  • Contracts and Procurement has been renamed and repositioned as Strategic Business Services, and will include new areas focused on strategic partnerships, revenue generation opportunities, real estate, and process improvement. Please note: The Strategic Business Services webpages are under development.
  • The Department of Risk Management and Safety Services was reorganized to become Campus Resiliency and Response; and
  • Transportation & Parking Services, and the Campus Disability Resource Center (formerly, Student Disability Resource Center) are both reporting to Campus Resiliency and Response.

Please note the Administrative Affairs websites have been updated to reflect these changes.

Should you have any questions about where to find things on the Administrative Affairs webpages, please contact Michelle Williams at 707-826-3351 or


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