Writing Tips for myHumboldt messages

Provide a subject title that is interesting and clear

The subject title should be intriguing enough to encourage readers to view your message. Keep the subject title relevant to the content within the body of the article. 

Be direct and concise in your announcement

This will make it more likely your reader will finish the message and fully understand it. This also makes it more useful for those who are referring back to the message later.

Ask key Questions

Ask yourself key questions that begin with: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Include that information in order of importance.

Grab the reader’s attention

Use the summary text section to “sell” the full message. Use an opening sentence that is relevant and includes the key new information. Do not try to give the reader all the background first. 

Edit your content

Double-check times, dates, and addresses. Review for typos, spelling, and grammatical errors.

Provide contact information

If appropriate, provide a phone number and email address, along with links to websites. Limit the information to specific sources and avoid excessive contact information or links.