Workshop: Labor-Based Grading Contracts as Anti-Racist Classroom Assessment

December 6, 2019
Friday, December 13, 2019 - 1:00pm
Location: Library Fishbowl (LIB 209)

Dr. Asao Inoue will be leading a Faculty Workshop on:

"Labor-Based Grading Contracts as Anti-Racist Classroom Assessment"


This interactive workshop gives participants a hands-on experience with labor-based grading contracts, which can be used in a wide range of courses across all disciplines. The grading practice takes all grades out of the classroom on a day to day basis, yet still produces a final course grade. Among many benefits to students, labor-based grading contracts encourage a critical space for students to interrogate judgement itself, take lots of risks in their learning, experience “failure” without being overly-punished by it, and cultivate critical, reflective stances toward the politics of language in the world. Participants of the workshop will get a number of resources: a sample labor-based grading contract, sample labor log for students, and a handout with other electronic resources for teachers who wish to explore this practice in their own classrooms.

Sponsors: Composition Program (the first-year writing program), DHSI: Education, Center for Teaching and Learning

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