From Vine to Table - Wine Studies Certificate Program

February 19, 2019
Do you love wine, but want to know more? Refine your wine tasting and explore the craft of winemaking in this unique 4-course series offered through Humboldt State University College of Extended Education. From Vine to Table is a wine studies certificate program consisting of four intensive seminars on winemaking, grape farming, palate development, and marketing. The program takes aspiring wine professionals from novice to in-the-know.

Four one-day courses, in-person with local experts. Courses include field trips, tastings, and lunches.

Earn a certificate when you complete the series.

Wine Sensory Evaluation & Service - Sat., March 9
Refine your wine tasting evaluation skills as you explore key aspects of the industry: Wines of the world, wine-making styles, customer engagement, and more!
Marketing Wine in Humboldt County (& Beyond)  - Sat., April 6
Explore new possibilities for making money while working in wine. Learn about creating a successful brand, building a loyal customer base, selling direct to consumer, and branching out beyond the Redwood Curtain with regional products.
Art of Winemaking  - Sat., April 27
Develop your understanding of the basic craft of smaller-scale winemaking; explore methods of producing wines of balance and complexity, and gain hands-on experience in a commercial winery.
Wine Growers in Humboldt  - Sat., May 11
Dig into the science of growing wine grapes in Humboldt County's unique "terroir" as you explore grape varieties, growing seasons, soil preparation, and pest and mold management, all hands-on in a local vineyard.

Times vary: 9-9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Various locations off campus

Call us at 707-826-3731 or visit us online at

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