Upcoming Professional Development Events

April 11, 2019

The Center for Teaching & Learning invites you to attend these upcoming professional development opportunities!


April 15 • 12-1:00 pm Beyond the trend of decolonizing science

The Science Network at the Union of Concerned Scientists invites you to a webinar conversation led by Indigenous and Black scholars around what it means to "decolonize science." Using the controversy over the Thirty Meter Telescope and the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea as a case study, speakers will share examples of the role of colonialism in science.


April 15 • 9-11:00 am Whiteness and Microaggressions Training

April 16 • 9-11:00 am Whiteness and Microaggressions Training
This four-hour workshop (divided into 2 two-hour segments) will offer an introduction to the concept of whiteness, the significance of whiteness in our everyday lives, and how whiteness shapes our interactions. We will examine how whiteness affects various systems of advantage and what that looks like in our community. Additionally, we will explore how microaggressions are a manifestation of whiteness. We will address what microaggressions are, how we can identify them, and how they impact our daily interactions with one another. Finally, we will examine strategies to confront and avoid committing microaggressions.  

April 24 • 12-12:50 pm Service Learning and Community Engagement: Introduction to Community Engagement

May 1 • 2:30-4:00 pm Service Learning and Community Engagement: Getting Started with Community Engagement
Scoping out your course. Exploring various assignment types set up in a marketplace and participants will explore each assignment option and discuss. Sharing Tools to set expectations with students and partners and how to handle initial, ongoing and concluding communication. Then Wrap up with group reflection.


Posters on Display: Stop by the CTL classroom (LIB317) to see the amazing work your colleagues are doing. Presentation posters from the Teaching Excellence Symposium are on display.