Upcoming LMS Expert Webinar: LMS Transitions

October 19, 2015

At 3pm on October 23, faculty will have the opportunity to participate in the third LMS expert webinar "LMS Transitions: Lessons from a Culturally Inclusive and Transparent Change Effect".

These webinars are being presented as a part of the CSU Learning Platform Systems (CSULPS) Task Force's exploration of the current and future role for learning platforms in higher education. All stakeholders will be able to participate through an open web site at csulps.com, which includes blog posts, updates, and links to additional resources. The intended outcome of the process is that campuses will have a selection of pre-negotiated, cost-competitive software options available to them.

Any interested individual can ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and help shape the development of the RFP via the CSULPS site.

Webinar Schedule

October 23, 3pm-4pm

LMS Transitions: Lessons from a Culturally Inclusive and Transparent Change Effect

Presenter: Sasha Thackaberry, eLearning District Director, Cuyahoga Community College

Brief abstract: Working effectively on a change initiative in a strong shared governance environment requires successful collaboration with faculty leaders. This webinar focuses on the LMS review conducted at Cuyahoga Community College with a college-wide taskforce of full-time and adjunct faculty, administrative leadership and representatives from all stakeholder groups. The project management style of distributed ownership and short-term sprints led to genuine buy-in from all parties and a successful conclusion. The review was purposefully transparent, with all components posted on a public blog, including meeting minutes, needs analysis, evaluation of systems, and the internal LMS trends education process for the group. The project incorporated educational opportunities and incentives internally, with the use of digital badging and recognition of exemplary work throughout the process.

Join by PC, Mac, iOS, or Android at https://calstate.zoom.us/j/855810527

Join by phone at +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 855 810 527


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