Undergraduate Funding Opportunity: Howell-CSUBIOTECH Research Scholars Program

September 13, 2023

Howell-CSUBIOTECH (Undergraduate) Research Scholars Program

Deadline: Monday, November 13, 2023 by 5pm PST

Award Amount: $3,500


ABOUT: The Howell-CSUBIOTECH program funds promising undergraduate student research projects in topics related to women's health. The program is open to any CSU undergraduate student in good academic standing and planning to be enrolled on their CSU campus for the Spring 2024 term. Applicants must be able to complete the project proposed by the end of the 2024 summer term.

The proposed project must be an original, faculty-mentored student research project. Awards may be used to support research activities as part of official school programs, such as honors or senior projects, and the proposed work can be part of a larger project. Any original research topic related to women's health is eligible. The range of eligible topics is exceptionally broad and covers much of the life and clinical sciences. The research project need not be focused upon female subjects or tissues; the program funds projects studying general health concerns that affect both sexes. The proposed project must be biotechnology-related. 


Please note that CSUBIOTECH welcomes and encourages proposals from students in all biotechnology-related disciplines, including but not limited to life science, physical science, clinical science, math, computer science, agricultural science, engineering, and/or business.

Please see solicitation attachment in the portal for more details.

APPLY: To learn more about applying, please visit the CSUPERB website

NOTE: If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact our Pre-Award Specialists Pia Gabriel at pg12@humboldt.edu, Kaz Wegmuller at kaz.wegmuller@humboldt.edu, or Jocelyne Takatsuno at jt366@humboldt.edu. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the financial aid office prior to applying to determine the potential impact of awards and grants on financial support provided through their university, especially financial aid packages. Awards paid directly to students will be processed through the campus financial aid office.

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